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  • offline installer available?
  • I tried to use US proxy, but the same i can't update, you are really slowing down my work, there must direct link for the final 1349 install, by Monday i will change to Kaspersky, i can't wait any longer than Monday, btw this is my 4th year using bitdefender, but u screwed me twice in vmware, the firewall block (u didn't…
  • Thanks for the ticket Kero. Asked for a feedback from Dev., should have it at the start of next week. On a side note, I agree with Gary Third but not the least, what virus ? How you got it ? Any ideas ? We would have appreciated a sample from it so we can add a signature. That will help others that may encounter it.…
  • In the email subject line. Should start, in your case, with 2010. Ticket ID: 201103301007308 and btw yesterday virus get into my hard disk and i'm really really mad, but anyway BitDefender rescue mode saved me, and also why Auto-Scan and Auto-Update disables automatically ?
  • Hi, @Kero: please provide me with the ticket ID you originally had related to the VMware issue along with all the details you may have useful. Last but not least, indeed, the 3 types of GUI are no longer available with the new 2012. We have a single type, a much user-friendly interface. and where is the ticket ID ?
  • Hi Kero Yugi, In the new Bitdefender you have only the main interface and the one you receive after you click on Settings, close to Auto Pilot option. If you need the User Guide of the new released version, please let me know. Thank you! Yes I need, & btw bitdefender STILL blocks vmware from connecting to the network NOT…
  • If you mean switching between the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced views, there is no such thing anymore in BDAV 2012. Apparently. yes that's what i mean, btw i'm using BDTS !
  • Hi, I am glad that you decided to schedule a remote session however, you did not provide me with the info I requested you via email so we can start the session. Please reply to my email and include the ID and password. Thank you! Should I reply here in this topic or to ""...?
  • Hi and thanks for the info. Would you agree with a remote session to troubleshoot the issue ? I have created a ticket on your behalf with ID: 201103301007308. Check your email address associated with your forum account for instructions on how to further troubleshoot the issue and find a resolution for it. Regards, I…
  • Hello, More details please ? I can understand nothing from "it's blocked". A screenshot with the error message or at least the error message would help me understand the issue. Try to disable all BitDefender modules (Antivirus/Real Time Protection;Firewall etc) one by one and see if any will resolve the issue. Looking…
  • Everything works fine now with Windows XP in VMWare but i can't use CentOS 5.6 on VMWare it's blocked. why?
  • Hello, You still haven't posted a screenshot where I can see the error message when the VMWare is blocked by BitDefender. I am also using it and it is not blocked by any of the modules so can't reproduce the issue. You will have to provide me with more details. Regards, Take a look of the Attachment.
  • Hi, What device is the Hamachi one ? Why you keep it on Public ? Try to set the VPN to YES for the two WMware adapters and see if the issue will still occur. Go to Devices tab and post a screenshot of that module here. Thank you! Hamachi is Logmein Hamachi "" it's a virtual network. My device list is empty.
  • Hello, Please reproduce the steps you take until the VMWare is blocked by BitDefender. If any notification or error message is displayed on the screen, please make a screenshot and attach it here. When you say 'being blocked' to what module are you referring to ? Real Time Protection (AVC/IDS) ; Firewall etc ? Also please…
  • @Kero Yugi - You posted in the BD 2010 forum so I am moving your post to the 2011 forum since you say you have BDTS 2011 installed. Now what should I do, Should i just stay waiting someone to reply or anything else I should do?
  • Didn't I reply or i was dreaming...............! Anyway i have bitdefender 2011 and vmware 7 Problem: Bitdefender Block Vmware From Connect The Internet.! Note: i tried all things in this topic but still the same problem. This is the second time i reply the 1st time i don't know where is my reply!
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