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  • If you find out let us all know... :)
  • May want to take a look at this help file, same happened to me about a year ago with Firefox at the time. I think this will fix you up. Bitdefender blocks an application from connecting to the Internet
  • Bitdefender sells a solution for this, they put it ina router like device for you though. Bitdefender BOX - IoT Security Solution For All Connected Devices
  • Wondershare is a slideshow creation utility of some kind, I would say it should appear in The programs list in settings to allow removal. It is not uncommon for some software to encrypt files, it is curious for a simple utility suite however, usually it is game companies trying to prevent things like save file hacking and…
  • Oh by the way, Bitdefender pops the alert even for those of us that have uninstalled Internet Explorer from the windows features menu so I know it is some sort of bug. I do not have any internet explorer code at all. May be a windows bug, but for some reason it is showing up in the list, then when I click it, I get the…
  • I have been having the issue since 2016, BitDefender scheduled scans have never worked. It is a bug in their scheduler or their activity detection I am pretty sure, they should just use windows scheduler, that is actually reliable for starting things. I think they also need to get rid of/not use the computer busy/used…
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