• On ‎6‎-‎12‎-‎2016 at 3:53 PM, garioch7 said: mab: Anti-virus applications, not just Bitdefender, are known to interfere with restoring a restore point in all versions of Windows that I am aware of. Try booting into Safe Mode and restoring from within Safe Mode. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil Dear Phil, It worked in safe…
  • Is it possible BDTS2017 also blocks Windows10pro to go to a restore point? I can't get W10pro to an earlier restore point.
  • The upgrade-offer I received by e-mail didn't seem to work. I kept getting a higher price in the progress. So instead of upgrading to Multi-device I tried the BDTS2017 version after all. Much better: Interface opens directly(very fast) from taskbar. No hang-ups yet. I guess there's no more 'BD-awake'-notification.
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