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  • I have been not getting any pop ups the last couple months now, but suddenly after receiving this email I got the bloody f'ing pop ups back again every day!!!! You guys are a laughable pathetic company, please remove my pop up's again at ONCE. Gah, wanna rip someones heart out, this is so bloody annoying and stupid. Cant…
  • Would anyone else be willing to share their experiences? I'm ready to make a final purchase decision but I'm pretty disgusted with BitDefender at this point. To any of the people for whom Georgia opened a ticket above, is everything solved, going forward? Are the popups down to a reasonable amount? Well, I received an…
  • This is the message I am getting, is it the same for anyone else and will it ever disappear? 163 days of this is going to be a killer!
  • I have been getting the pop up ads every single day for about 2 weeks now. It happens shortly after I log in. Yes I can simply x off the ad, but why do we have to do this? We paid for what is supposed to be a non-intrusive and respectable service... They want me to upgrade to their latest version despite me still having…
  • I can use the scan function but the auto scan and auto pilot function do not work for me at all. I press them and they automatically turn off. When I try to 'fix' the issue, it also fails. What should I do? I really should have stuck with AVG.
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