• i have no issue now because i've disabled IPV6 and the network traffic is back to normal again so thank you for you're assistance
  • Hi Diablo2050, Glad to see my workaround works like a charm If I'm not asking too much, can you please generate a Support Tool log then upload it HERE ? When you have the download link send me a PM with: - topic link; - email you used to open an account with us (ONLY if different from the email used to create the Forum…
  • Hi, what about IPv6 and W7 Homegroup? As far as I know, Homegroup needs IPv6? lutz Yeah i know so i just enable it when i create a homegroup or whe i'm joining one then i disable it afterwards
  • I found in another topic that if i disabled IPV6 in my network connection it solves the problem and i disableded it in all of my computers and it solved the issue, thank you for your support
  • i installed the first update and its installing for about an hour is this normal or what ??
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