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  • Hi, I did report them as (potential) false positive. Thank you, I am aware I can add exception, but would much rather hear from bitdefender team first. I understand. Nonetheless, this topic might still serve purpose in case some have similar experience.
  • Hi, the same issue is happening to me again (even though initially it all seemed fine) What did you do? Did you connect the wallet with it (in days since your post)
  • Thank you!
  • I wasn't aware of that, I apologize. When you say 'contact the website administrator', in this particular case do you mean the ipfs or uniswap?
  • I did not click on links you provided (I am really terrified of clicking on anything right now), but I checked via virustotal and sitecheck myself and indeed it seems fishy. Could you check the following for me: Try to access '' and just click on 'launch app' in the upper right corner. That is the most reputable…
  • Thank you so much, and please do post the results here, and in a way I can verify that the results are for real. Please understand that I'm not trying to be rude when I say I want to verify, it's just that better safe than sorry.
  • I tried doing that but when I try to submit I get the message: ' The URL is incomplete. Please enter a full URL e.g.' I tried submitting both of these: 1) [*url removed by @Flexx*] 2) [*url removed by @Flexx*] Those connections pop up as infected when I try reaching the site [*url removed by…
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