• Still no fix? This is a real pain, I am overseas and my wife (with no Admin rights) is being driven troppo!
  • Hi! Whats the difference between my.bitdefender & central.bitdefender.? Like you, I would love to know. For me, there is no relationship at all (despite using the same login for each). I wonder if Bitdefender themselves know the difference?!
  • ok, thx BUT be aware that if you cannot access one of your devices (my desktop crashed and had to be rebuilt) then you are totally up s...t creek. Support say that they are addressing the issue, plus (after I asked) they added an extra temporary device to my subscription to cover me until the matter was rectified. BUT in…
  • If you go to the sub-forum "The New Bitdefender" ---> Updates there should be something in the OP or right after. Look for the Update thread by Christian. Thanks for that. It almost looks as though it is a dead product? Last update was Nov13.
  • 2014 is a good one. I got it activated last month and so far, everything is running smooth. I'm only i3 but it works just fine. Hi. Is there any update on this? Does anyone know the difference (or if Win* Security is 2013 technology?). Thanks!
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