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  • Still having this problem with Bitdefender IS 2016. Bitdefender firewall prevents access to LAN resources even with Home/Office setting. Setting to Trusted or disabling firewall is the only way to workaround this. Strangely this only affects my laptop over WiFi. My desktop hooked up by ethernet connects to LAN resources…
  • Thanks sierratango but I tried that too and the Teredo still is enabled again after reboot? That's strange. I've done it on both of my PCs and it stays disabled after rebooting. In fact it doesn't even appear in Device Manager anymore. Make sure when you input that line into Command Prompt, you receive an "Ok." output.
  • This works for me, however, each time I reboot the Teredo Tunneling adapter is enabled again so I have to manually disable each time. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks for pointing that out. If you enter "netsh interface teredo set state disabled" into Command Prompt (Admin) it appears to permanently disable the adapter even…
  • I fixed the issue by disabling the Teredo adapter in Windows Device Manager. It's hidden so you have to click View and Show hidden device. I don't utilize IPv6 so not having Teredo is fine by me. However, it is enabled by default and other Bitdefender users might also have the same issue so Bitdefender developers might…
  • I am also confirming this issue on my end when transferring large files from PC to NAS drives. Disabling Bitdefender firewall fixes it right up. However, what I do notice is that if you open up the Firewall Module, go to the Adapters tab and monitor this window whilst transferring a large file, you should see an adapter…
  • If you are using Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 please upgrade to Bitdefender 2015 v.19 as explained in this article and let us know if the issue is resolved: If there are still users reading this topic with Windows XP or Windows Vista please let us know as the above…
  • This bug is still present and creates a major hassle for using certain https sites such as Google Play Music. This issue has existed for nearly a year now and nothing has been done about it, so can you at minimum offer us an explanation as to why it is still not fixed? My Bitdefender license is about to expire soon and…
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