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  • the latest version does NOT eliminate the popup ads. I have the latest version of BD IS 2013, and I got this popup just now: That's it. I am ripping out BitDefender and moving to a different antivirus solution. I can't tolerate getting spammed by my own antivirus program.
  • The spam keeps coming! I just got this pop-up spam advertisement from BitDefender. This is the 3rd pop-up I've gotten in the past week, despite the fact that I've requested BitDefender technical support to stop the popups for my account. This popup wants me to "like" the BitDefender FaceBook page. Looks like malware to me.
  • I get this message when I try to send a PM to Georgia through the forum: "This message can not be sent because the recipient has their personal messenger disabled or they are in a member group not allowed to use the personal messenger. This personal message has not been sent" #EpicFail
  • #EpicFail I just received another pop-up spam advertisement just now: This is the SECOND one in FOUR days. Am I going to get a spam advertisement every four days?
  • FYI: I contacted BitDefender customer support to see if I could "opt out" of the annoying BitDefender pop-up ads. Here is the response I got (ticket # 201307201011738): > Thank you for contacting Bitdefender support. > > Bitdefender will display an add once a year when we will launch our new > product. > > I have taken a…
  • Did I mention that the popup ads are annoying? FYI: when you have exactly 133 days left on your license for BD IS 2013, you get this splashed onto your screen: It has been a long time since I installed BD, so this popup spam doesn't just happen right after you install.
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