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You may cancel your Bitdefender subscription from Bitdefender Central or by contacting Customer Support at:

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  • yup! four days was enough for me. still not a word from support either (after nearly 2 months) my bank had to get my money back for me. bd 2009 is just shocking real shocking you wont go far wrong with anything else free or paid for, programs junk the support doesn't even exist.
  • i wondered the same, i could only use BD for 4 days and un-installed because it simply wouldnt work properly on my system, after countless ignores to all my messages (the only reply i had was from someone on this forum), i have had to ask my bank to investigate. they have refunded me pending an investigation. i bought BD…
  • i too, switched to another program after less than a week, that was over a month ago, still havnt heard a thing re: refund or indeed my problems. program and service is seriously flawed, as the many following my post on another forum agree.
  • got to agree with aceofspades, sadly they seem to do a complete vanishing act at the mention of a refund. the program needs an awful lot of work before they give it away yet alone charge for it.
  • still heard nothing except the email asking for my problem again. will put this down as experience.......... a bad one.
  • thank you and sorry for the rant i had given up on a reply.
  • and still no reply from support....... 30 day money back is a lie people,as is the free helpine. get a proper av program to keep robbing junk like bit defender from your systems.
  • i had a good 4 days with this program, then had a series of critical errors, things went from bad to worse. i un- installed the program ran the removal tool. re- installed and got this same problem with the register window popping up after every re-boot, then got another bd critical error. so have given up. i contacted…
  • that article made me buy it yesterday, very impressed. i had used the industry standard av for gaming for many years. but it grew and grew i bought game safe and am very impressed.
  • yes it took 1st time today, i tried many times yesterday, including a re-install. never mind, working ok now thanks for the help.
  • it seems ok now its showing my years subscription after a reboot. sorry for stupid questiong but i tried to post screen shot and it didnt work? i saved the jpeg. press the 'add reply' button clicked the browse, found my pic, pressed upload. typed the above message and nothing is there only the message, what did i do wrong?
  • it still shows the trial for some reason? ok, update, i started the registration manually, printed screen then uploaded the jpeg file (don't know where it's gone?) i noticed the window still had my trial, it said expires in 89 days?. i clicked register, input my new license finished off rebooted and all seems ok. maybe my…
  • making a mess of this!
  • it's fixed now so i cant? i searched the forum and deleted the wizard from regedit. there were no eroor messages it just launched the registration window everytime i started the pc. nothing to see out the ordinary just the normal registration pop up asking if you want to use current code or register.
  • hello, been using the trial of bit defender game safe, every time i rebooted the registration wizard opened. i just bought the game and registered my new code, and i still get the registration window after i re-boot (please tell me this is not normal) went through the wizard a few times it kept telling me i was registered,…
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