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  • Yes, I do have an SD card in the slot. I want it scanned, but I do not want to see any banner. I have Scan Flash Drives set to Autoscan. Is there no way to scan the media without any notification?
  • That was on Windows. Meanwhile, on Android, there is an endless stream of toast notifications that say: Bitdefender Security scanned xxxxxxxxx. It's safe I am not "safe" from constant interruption! I am just flabbergasted at this total disregard for the user experience. So many others have commented on this problem, for…
  • Now I am getting banners that say Multiple suspicious connections blocked We continue to block suspicious connections silently, in the background. You can review them in the Notifications area. You're safe! How do I get rid of this? Anyone who says "I am being silent" is NOT being silent. Silence sounds like.... nothing!
  • That Is indeed the kind of toast notifications that I am talking about on Android, but from Bitdefender not from the clipboard. I don't see any settings om Android 10 to make Bitdefender run silently. I don't want any notification when any app is running routinely, only when there is some serious problem, or when my…
  • I have followed @Gjoksi's instructions (THANK YOU) and hopefully this will address all of it! One thing I am not sure of - will find out presently - is if the changes I am making on my machine will propagate to the others on the same account? Is it possible to get rid of toast notifications on Android? Many others have…
  • Same here! WTF???? If I don't find an answer, I am going back to the computer repair shop that recommended this POS and demanding a refund. There should be exactly NO popups or interruptions, EVER.
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