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  • FYI: I have disabled the automatic update completely and the popup still pops up every few hours? Does anyone have an idea if this is fixable? I only have a few weeks left for my license and I really think about looking for an alternative with less bugs...
  • Hello toxan and welcome to the forum. You can configure which status alerts you want to or not want to see - GUI>dropdown>General Settings>Advanced>Configure status alerts>check or un-check as required. Thanks, for answering! But those are all turned off and I think they have a different purpose anyway.
  • I have the same problem. A repair did not help. If the option "postpone reboot" is turned off I get a popup with a checkbox "do not show this" (or something like that) which will just turn the postpone option on and then: If the option "postpone reboot" is turned on I just get a different popup (on the bottom right of the…
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