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  • Don't know if the issue is completely fixed, but decided to try and update to see... took a backup snapshot of my PC, then did the update: It is showing engine v7.79268 now... and I have been doing media edits from my network share to the local PC drive for the last hour (processed a few dozen files, each 2 GB in size)…
  • So still no info from anyone from Bitdefender tech support?!? Seriously?!? What is the status of this issues? Has it been corrected and I can re-enable updates?
  • Yep, found that 'disable silent' option and disabled it... thanks!
  • Ok, uninstalled/reinstalled. Saw that upon reinstall the engine is at 7.78728, so went in to settings and disabled auto update but best I can select is "until system restart" when I'd have to make sure to do it again before it updates the engine.
  • Thanks LG for the feedback! To go 24 hrs without so much as a peep from any support staff is just wrong, so to know that at least I'm not alone in this that was starting to make me question if my Windows installation was messed up... so again thanks for that. I just got hammered again, completely locked up my system and…
  • One last thought... this month's Microsoft updates for Windows 10 just installed within the last week also (wouldn't put it past Microsoft to have buggered something in their patches that you guys may need to account for)... other than that no changes to the system (Windows 10 Pro, v1803, OS Build 17134.523).
  • Now after almost an hour and a half since the copy operation, Bitdefender process in the Task Manager process list shows it dropped down to 50 MB in use, but total system memory has not come back very much at all. The Resource Monitor still shows VSSERV.EXE as having a memory commit of 20 GB as illustrated in the pic in…
  • This forum/web software or whatever is extremely annoying... keeps blocking/rejecting my posting/edits due to "security reasons" so I am having issues getting this posted at all. Here are the initial screen cap after the first copy operation I referred to at the start of the post.