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  • >>How can I see if I have received the update? I see a minor update in the build number: Update --> Also make sure you have got the latest signature updates. For me, boot-up is back to normal. But keep in mind: It's just a rollback, not yet a fix.
  • I'd like to add a few bits of information. Me: Once again I disabled vulnerability protection today. I don't know yet if this helps or not. Update: No, that does nothing. I booted my machine twice today, which resulted in two more (full) scans. Each of those scans takes about 8 minutes for me... As a consequence, I took my…
  • *Sigh*. I followed the old problem discussion closely. I want to thank IronBucket for his/her persistence back then, all the way towards a solution. Still up to this very day, 2 of my 3 mechanical hard drives remain offline/unmounted when not needed, b/c I don't really trust BD anymore. And here we go again: Antivirus Plus…
  • Pfew... finally! WMI / wmiprvse seems to behave now. I'm so glad I don't have to run hacky scripts on startup anymore. Each time I forgot, I wondered afterwards what that might have done to my comp, LOL. Thanks BD. (Though 2 months from first report to solution are a bit long for a critical Bug like this, dontcha think? )
  • On 10/18/2018 at 10:55 PM, vampgirl said: Can someone please tell me how do you check and see the bitdefender's constant disk access? (...) This is what it looks like in Sysinternals' freely available Process Explorer, inspecting the I/O graph, approx. 15 mins after boot: Restarting "Winmgmt" (a.k.a. the Windows Management…
  • 9 hours ago, bertl1 said: NO, the issue with constant disk read/write (blinking) is still NOT solved!!! 1 hour ago, svenohrberg said: Yes it is, if you (as I wrote) pauses the service Winmgmt. You can make a .bat file containing this: ... @Sven: this is a good workaround, but not a fix. I don't want to execute shell…
  • Quote From: Bitdefender <[email protected]> 26.10.2018 - Ihr Schutz LAUFT MORGEN AB! Handeln Sie jetzt und schützen Sie Ihre Privatsphäre! 01.10.2018 - Ihr Schutz ist nur noch 5 TAGE gultig. JETZT VERLÄNGERN 26.09.2018 - Ihr Schutz ist nur noch 5 TAGE gultig. JETZT VERLÄNGERN Gestern kam wieder eine…
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