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BUG - Constant disk read/write while Bitdefender is installed



  • DennisK

    Pfew... finally!  WMI / wmiprvse seems to behave now.

    I'm so glad I don't have to run hacky scripts on startup anymore.

    Each time I forgot, I wondered afterwards what that might have done to my comp, LOL.

    Thanks BD. 

    (Though 2 months from first report to solution are a bit long for a critical Bug like this, dontcha think? :unsure: )

  • Sergiu C.

    7 hours ago, BDAlexS said:

    I only sent mine yesterday too, and have not had a response either..

    But seriously man - it's the weekend and people live in different timezones! - I don't expected it to be sorted for a little while this is an admin task. People are allowed weekends off.

    You've still got 129 days so I can't imagine why you think it's urgent.


    I will check my PMs again on Monday.

    Thank you for understanding!

  • DAN57150

    I wrote to Bitsy yesterday.

    Got an answer  an hour ago : 3 months added.

    I take my hat off to all the team  It's Saturday evening, we all know that ...

    People are on WE ; nevertheless  Anna Letitia Luca (Bitdefender Support Team) wrote to me. 

    Sergiu has just answered to BD Alex ! 


    Bravo pour votre sérieux et votre investissement !!!


    Dan from France
  • Emdayh

    10 hours ago, DAN57150 said:


    You sign in

    You click on Sergiu's avatar (B)

    You click on "message" ...



    Thanks a lot Dan, I did not try this indeed... I sent an email to Sergiu, I hope I will receive a positive answer as well !

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