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  • @Adams456 said: > It's because apps takes time to startup. Once the phone is switched on, the app lock needs to startup in background to function. The phone had been on for days when this was happening. The app was well and truly started up. Now, tonight, app lock was turned off. I put the phone on a trusted wifi for five…
  • > @TSQL said: > Anyone got any thoughts at all? Guess not
  • Anyone got any thoughts at all?
  • OK, another update, just in case it helps with finding a solution. This morning, once again app lock had reverted to its OFF state. Fine. Unlike yesterday, it did not come back on at 1300. It stayed off all afternoon. Earlier this evening (around 1900-ish local time) I turned it on, then off again. Turning it off had no…
  • Update... This is interesting. The app lock remained off until 1300 today where it just came back and remains on til this time (now is 2150 here). I am guessing that sometime overnight it will turn off and be off when I get up tomorrow morning. What's going on? Why is this happening? Does anyone have any ideas? It should…
  • > @tom3532 said: > I encountered similar issue today. 🙄 Hello Tom, hopefully this issue will be resolved after a period of time has passed - see my post a few above :)
  • Interesting question. I hope Bitdefender staff can answer
  • Update... This morning, it appeared to have turned off overnight - apps were accessible without having to input PIN. But, by late morning (3 or so hours later) it was back on, asking for PIN each time a protected app was accessed. I checked in settings - the button was OFF. This is really odd behaviour indeed. Can anyone…
  • Just to confirm - no ability to add file whilst on WIN 10 machine ;)
  • I have now learned that you have to be here a little longer to attach files to posts. As soon as I reach this level (or the rules are adjusted) I will post the error message.