Bitdefender Threat Scanner Error On Start Up

When I start my computer, I receive a BitDefender Threat Scanner notification that says a problem has occurred in BitDefender Threat Scanner. A file containing error information has been created in the TEMP folder.

Also, one of my external hard drives is not being read by the computer but 2 other external hard drives are still being read.

I use a Windows 8.1 Toshiba.

Finally, I can't get permission to access my TEMP folder. I tried to set permissions but it did not work.

Does anyone know the solution to solve this problem?

I uninstalled Spybot and tried to run a couple of Bitdefender clean tools, but I never had Bitdefender installed, so I don't know why I'm having this problem.


  • I have the same exact problem. Getting an error file in TEMP, and I have no access to TEMP. Never installed a Bitdefender program, but apparently this is coming from Spybot? I tried uninstalling that, but I'm still getting the error.

  • Hey guys, had the exact same issue and it was caused by Ad-Aware Antivirus. I found it out by just deactivating Ad-Aware in autostart and then restarted the PC without the weird error message mentioned above.

    I have Windows 10 and Ad-Aware is installed as the so called 2nd Line of defense.

    The reason for the weird error was that my Ad-Aware somehow was completely outdated and deactivated itself. As I opened it there was a screen showing up with "Service unavailable". So I did all the updates, reactivated it and then did some restarts. All without the weird error message.

    This fixed it for me and for another laptop with the exact same configuration of OS, Virus Scanner and 2nd line of defense.

    Have fun


  • Wow, good find. Thanks! Oddly enough, I already deactivated Ad-Aware from autostart. When I opened it, the error message came up again, and the main screen also said service unavailable. After updating it, the error didn't come back on start up and Ad Aware seems to be working fine now.

    Thanks again!

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