How to use Protected Folders as a default-deny solution?

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I have been playing with Protected Folders and Application Access from BitDefender Total Security 2019 and I found it to be very interesting.

To start with I added the folders where my personal info was stored to protect them from modification (ransomware). After seeing it was a success, I took it a step further and added AppData and ProgramData folders (hidden by default) to Protected Folders module, in order to default block all modification or weird behaviour in these, such as payload downloads & execution and beyond. It actually performed better than I expected, but it obvious broke several programs, some of which I couldn't revive until I removed these folders from the module (such as AdGuard for PC).

Have you ever tried something similar? Can I get some help on how to configure these modules this way so we can default deny everything?

Thanks in advance :)


  • Hi, 

    The module wasn't designed to protect system folders, as indeed there would be too many false positives. As an examp[e, many apps use temp executables files, running from AppData  , and such files cannot be excepted (as they are created and destroyed each time the application runs). 

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