Critical Error


I have a problem with my bitdefender 2010 antivirus. Before a week ago i downloaded a malicious file

which i accidentely executed. Windows defender detect it as a backdoor but it was too late i already

opened that file. After that windows defender starts Quarantine process but my pc hang out there.

Reeboot takes 5 minutes. After that bitdefender's vsserv.exe became unavailable, so i reinstalled win7

and reinstalled bitdefender but now i am recieving an critical error and bug report window. I applied

some patches but after working for a few second error reoccured. Plz help me as i have some important

software in my PC and don't want to loose them.

Thank you


  • Hi Bond9001,

    First I want to apologize for my delay in responding to your post. In case you are still the issue you described, in order to solve it, I would recommend you to upgrade for free to BitDefender 2011. Information about this process are available HERE.

    Thank you!