Slow Shutdown With Bitdefender On 2 Computers


I have just installed 2 trial installations of Bitdefender 2013 plus on three computers

1.) Windows 8 x86 - Slow shutdown (or freezes)

2.) Windows 7 x64 - Slow shutdown (5 minutes or so)

3.) Windows 8 x86 - Working perfectly

So is there a solution to fix the slow shutdown on the first two computers?

I am uploading the logs and shall upload them as they complete.


  • doncht
    edited June 2013

    When you say slow, can you please specify the difference? Like with BD on, how many seconds does it take to shut down and with BD disabled too. smile2.png

  • on my w8 x86 pc previously it took 30 seconds... but now i dont even think it switches off automatically

    on my w7 x64 pc previously i would say not more than 1 minute... but now its around 5+ minutes (u feel like its stuck but eventually happens)

  • shakirmole
    edited June 2013

    Here's my windows 8 x86 log file

    And my log for this PC windows 7 x64

  • No reply to this yet?

    Support are you there?

  • Excellent product, bad support

    Please improve on this area

  • Hi shakirmole :)

    Unfortunately, you caught Bitdefender working on finalizing the 2014 version, so yes, support isn't what it could be for now. You can wait here for a response, if you wanted, or try the other support options here:

    Kind regards,


  • Yes i actually was suspecting the same.

    anyway, since bitdefender 2014 is coming, i should wait for its release and get that instead.


  • Good thinking, shakirmole, as that's what I was thinking too as I posted the above. It's supposed to have some advanced technology, that may help to speed things up. Yet, with any new release, there can be glithches associated with it.