Configure Url (not Ip) As Blocking Rule; Backup Of Settings

Hello to all members, my newbie post... :wub:

While exploring 'BD Internet Security 2013' there occurs two questions:

How to configure in firewall settings (pls see screenshot) not an ip address ( but a host name or part of a host name to be blocked (* All request to * shall be blocked.

And: How to backup the custom made BD settings for transferring to another computer?

Thank you for any hint,

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  • I don't think that that will be a feature "yet". I think if if this is implemented, you will still need to configure your DNS server so that it can resolve the host names' IP address. smile2.png

  • Thanks for reply!

    And what's about backing up the individual BD settings?

    How is it possible?

  • 1) That option is not available in the Firewall Module, may be availble in Parental Control Web Activity or in Antiphishing in Privacy Module.

    2) The tool is already asked here, but there is no response from the Technical Support. They are as silent as their product on this demand.