Add Exclusions In Interface

I would like to be the first to suggest an option to add an infected file to the exclusions list from the virus scan events log. There's a restore and delete button, but no way to add to exclusions right there. It would be convenient instead of having to go and find the file and add it to the exclusions list. Maybe right click the alert and say "Add to exclusions".



  • could be potentially useful for known safe applications that are flagged up falsely and quarantined. however, I can see a potential problem here with lesser experienced users excluding actual infected files compromising security and then complaining about Bitdefender letting viruses through.

  • Why would a regular user exclude an infected file? Most antiviruses have this option. If it were a huge deal, BitDefender could have a popup window saying "Are you sure?" and an explanation. The solution would be to make it excluded by right clicking on it instead of a button.

  • Out of everything that ive seen in the new version one thing that annoys me the most is the cumbersome method of adding a falsely detected file to the exclusion list. I don't see how they cant just add a dialog box that pops up when you hit recover and asks "Do you wish to add this file to the exclusion list?". That is the simplest method in order to make it easier for adding false positives to the exclusion list once it has been detected and removed.

    For the remainder its just adding the exclude file option to the drop down combo box. I do not know the reason for this not being implemented but if people are purposely clicking on the recover button then it means they actually want to keep the file therefore its the obvious question to ask upon recovering the file. Right now I need to remember the exact name and path and go to exclusions and head to the file and add it.

    The problem with not having an exclusion box popup when hitting recover is more evident when a false positive is detected in Documents/My Dropbox folder whilst you have the dropbox software installed on your machine. I had it where I would restore the file, dropbox would sync, bitdefender deleted the file again as the file was being accessed during dropbox autosync and then rinse and repeat. I had to either disable the antivirus shield then restore the file and then add it to exclusions which is never the ideal solution or close the dropbox app and add it to exclusions which again is cumbersome when a simple dialog box upon restore would have resolved the issue easily.

  • It makes even more sense especially for you using drop box, but this is a good idea. I see you signed up just to add your opinion in which shows its important to you. Hopefully BitDefender takes it that way.