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See Ya Down The Road


Sorry folks after four years on these boards I get this email last week. I got put in the penalty box for saying something that offended Christian. But for the

life of me I can't see where "offtopic in the new area" is in the rules. Screw that but this post has more to do with something else, actually a lot of something else.

offtopic on the new area


Best regards,


Senior Technical Support Engineer @ Bitdefender HQ

This coupled with continued malfeasance in supporting their product means I can no longer support BitDefender or their product. I have begun the process to switching to

another A/V vendor. One that has actual participation in their forums by qualified staff and a company that responds to support requests. I have been a Bitdefender customer for over 4 years and I have never seen a poorer excuse for customer service in my life. This isn't about Christian who cleverly doesn't accept messages btw but also something else I saw last week.

If you're on Total Security or Sphere edition, you'll see this too.


So for extra $$$ I can get support but look guys, you can come to the forums for Community Support meaning guys like myself, colombo and others can support you for free! Ya hear that!?!?! What kind of a lame support deal is that? With Christian refusing messages what kind of support deal is that? Two people for all of this. Sorry, lame lame lame.

I wasn't put on this Earth to provide free support just because BitDefender doesn't support its customers, neither were others and if BitDefender won't step up I'm not defending them any further. I have over 15 tickets still open (I keep track BitDefender, I keep Track) it seems that after a ticket is open it drops into a hole in the ground and never comes back. We've found purgatory folks and it's BitDefender Support. Wait, a beter metaphor, it's a roach motel for software. Issues check in but they don't check out.

So, I'm not sticking around, I'm removing Bitdefender on my systems. I've already started, 10 systems thus far woohoo! My Current Sphere edition expires at the end of the year and NewEgg was kind enough to exchange the three Sphere sets I just purchased for something else. So I have plenty of transition time. I will let Bitdefender know however that I will be on every website that I do business with that sells your product and let them know what rotten support you have, trust me. The product is good, don't get me wrong, but it's worthless without support and feedback.

Here's a newsflash. That bandwidth problem with the firewall? It's fixed in 2014, I've confirmed it. Nice of Christian or whoever to come out here and tell us that but again, lame support.

So after I post there, I'm deleting my account; it's been fun. I suggest you all make tracks for another A/V vendor ASAP because these guys don't have a clue. I've received much better support already from my new A/V vendor, I actually received a phone call imagine that on a problem. Oh and it's finding things BitDefender never did. Sorry, that's inexcusable.

I want to say that you guys have been great, Later.


  • columbo

    Will, I didn't see this thread, but posted this when I found out in another thread:



    Will Wood will be missed. The guy was incredible in his Windows OS knowledge...we lost a good one there. :(

    Had anyone checked out Will's work in this video he created (just click download, and the file will begin to play), trust me, it's worth the watch, even humorous..."he's dead Jim", lol :D If your reading this Will, you truly are talented, you will be missed, and I hope all the best for you :)


  • werby3


    All BD users must know that there is no free support anymore. They must pay extra money for it, while all the other competitors offer it for free.

    Actually, they have a buggy app with many issues, asking for extra money (as Will mentioned) for fixing them (what is it called?).

    They've removed 24/7 free support offer, from their official pages and PDF manuals.

    They've left only a watchdog (Georgia) here, just monitoring and see if we are good "Christians" doing their job nicely and this is for you my friend Scott. I know very well why, as you're the most kind person I've met here. But you have to seriously consider where actually your help goes to. I mean, who do you actually help, clients to whom only infos you can give not solutions, OR this at least ingrate to its clients - only money eating, using "mafia's" policies - awful company.

    Also, even if you pay them extra money, you are not seriously protected, regardless of what PAID comparisons tests show. In my (5 years) experience on BD, MBAM always was finding Trojans, especially on registry, which BD could not find. Since I've switched to FREE Comodo suite (which have real 24/7 support for free and if you pay them they come even to your house), MBAM never found anything...

    My kisses to watchdogs...

  • Georgia
    Georgia ✭✭✭
    edited July 2013

    Thank you for your feedback, Will.

    We made this post at the beginning of July on VIP support and what it means:

    I hope you will have a fantastic day!

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