Firewall Rules

Firewall does not create rules for the apps. When I turn the paranoid mode ON and then switch it to OFF it creates the rules. After reboot no more rules are created until I switch paranoid mode to ON once again. Is it only lack of memorization of the rules? I am wondering is firewall works?


  • I see this also.

    It creates them if in auto pilot mode and/or paranoid mode, but not otherwise. It doesn't block them nor ask anything so assumption can only be it's not doing anything!

  • 2014/02/02 15:30:41.126 [NDISLIB] Filter enabled.

    2014/02/02 15:30:41.126 [bDFW] [DEVIO] Firewall enabled.

    2014/02/02 15:33:45.523 [NDISLIB] Filter disabled.

    2014/02/02 15:33:45.523 [bDFW] [DEVIO] Firewall disabled.

    I noticed these in the firewall log. Every day, and every day my Bitdefender loose his ability to "create" rules... Could that be connected? I can bring back "creating" rules by switching for a one second into Paranoid Mode and then back to standard. Then in the log I see "Firewall Enabled".