Important! Please Help Me Asap

Before I say anything, I just want to say sorry if I posted this in the wrong section but I'm really confused and scared at the moment.

Hey, recently I've noticed some strange behavior with my Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 - I have a promo code for 6 months. Well, when I try to turn on:

- Intrusion Detection System

- Antivirus On-access scanning

- Active Virus Control

it just doesn't turn on. When I click it it goes from the dark gray square to a slightly more light gray so I know I clicked it, and when I click it about 5 times I can see it switch on (the slider) for less than a split second and then it goes back off. So I think I may have a virus that has corrupted my Bitdefender. I have run the Support Tool. Please help as soon as possible. I'm really scared, since I have a lot of important information and credit cards on my computer! I'll try to disconnect any amazon accounts, credit cards, etc. from another computer but then there is not much I can do. Help.

LINK to the file: (click "Download this file" and then enter the capcha and click download now)


  • Hiya OmgitsLuke,

    Run a repair - Control Panel>Programs and Features>Bitdefender 2015. Double click it and choose Repair, allow it to complete and reboot your computer.

    Run a program update from the GUI.


    (You are not in the correct forum, this one is for Windows 8 Security, but never mind. :) )

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