Doesn't Update At Power-On Time

I have BD AV+ 2016 on a desktop and a laptop. Both have default installations, so auto-pilot.Both devices only get switched on a couple of times a week. They are constantly showing YOU ARE AT RISK.

That's because they haven't got around to updating themselves.

How do I make them update when the machines are switched on? I can't believe that isn't what happens by default.

Why on earth does the software say You are At Risk. Please click this button to solve the problem.

Why can't it just get on do the update automatically??

I could click the wretched Update button every time I switch the things on but I want a fit-and-forget AV.

I could change the update frequency so I only see the stupid message for an hour or so, but that's a poor workaround.

I think I must be missing something. Surely it should auto-update after being switched on and then every X hours?


  • Hello Mark123,

    The message that you are at risk comes automatically informing you that the machine hasn't had any recent updates, should you for example wish to run a immediate scan.

    If you have the AutoPilot on it will self update without you having to interact with the product.

    If you are using the product with the AutoPilot off, please ensure you have the Auto Updates function enabled under the General Settings menu.

    Please note that if the Auto Updates are enabled the product will bypass the 1 to 12 hours Scheduler and update the product as soon as the services are up and running.

  • Hi Sorin,

    Default install, so Autopilot on. Auto Updates on.

    >Please note that if the Auto Updates are enabled the product will bypass the 1 to 12 hours Scheduler and update the product as soon as the services are up and running.

    That's exactly what I would expect, but not what I find. AFAICS, after start-up, it will remain un-updated for some time.

    Seems that it misses the update at start and remains un-updated for X hours until the next scheduled auto-update.

  • Hello Mark123

    Please ensure you remove all other security solutions form the machine to ensure none of them is interfering with the product.

    Is the machine permanently connected to the internet ? Are you connected to a router or do you have to login manually (ex : PPPoE) ?

  • Hi Sorin,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Just to be clear about the fault: BD works perfectly on a PC that is switched on regularly (every day).

    It fails to auto-update for a long time (hours) on PC and laptop that are only switched occasionally (perhaps 2-3 times/week).

    I have mentioned this issue to other people and several say they have also seen exactly the same when a PC is only switched on a few times a week.

    To be fair, several friends said they have exactly the same problem with Kaspersky (but not with F-prot).

    I can reproduce this every time by creating a new VM and installing a BD trial, so it can't possibly be a surprise to anyone. Is this a known issue?

    I have the problem on a brand new Windows 10 Professional laptop (Lenovo L460) that has no other security product installed, and never has. Automatic Wifi connection to the Internet via my ISP's router. I have connected by ethernet cable but that didn't make any difference over wifi connection. The system tray shows Internet access as soon as the PC has finished starting.

    Several days ago I switched it on and got "You are Vulnerable. Last update 2 days ago"

    Auto-updates are configured for every 2 hours so I watched very carefully to see if it would update 2 hours after power-on.

    It didn't, but it did update ~ 2.5 hours after power-on (I did allow it so go into Sleep for a while during that period).

    Repeated the same test today. Same message but it only took 30 minutes to auto-update.

    Seems random.

  • Sorin G.Sorin G.
    edited May 2016

    Thank you for all the information Mark123.

    I have created a ticket for you regarding this situation and have sent you a email requesting logs from the product itself, if you would please follow the steps in the email and provide us with the logs it will greatly assist us in resolving the encountered situation.

    Ticket id : 2016051309360003

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Edit : The situation is resolved resolved.

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