Threat Defense is still killing my games.

edited December 2017 in Protection

One of my games has a Captcha which often becomes a false positive. But, I cannot add this file to exclusions as its a .bin file. Why is Advanced Threat Defender allowed to remove these files, if I cannot add them to the exclusions? I have them as an exclusion everywhere else, but Threat Defender is ruining my game experience.

Firewall is also a problem, as it blocks the .bin file from having access to the internet, which it needs as the game is an MMO. the .bin file is a game.bin file, and basically holds everything that the game needs to run. 

I've sent the file in before but I never got a response, updates never stopped this issue so I'm always having to disable my threat defense and firewall when playing because I can't even start my game otherwise.


the game.bin file only seems to be quarantined once my game has been launched, which is weird.