webcam protection not working

edited December 2017 in Protection

My BIT DEFENDER total security 2018 webcam protection is not working. the on/off button just flicking and stayed as off. so i reinstalled the app after that its on but its not detecting my camera app and Skype, and when i want to use my camera its a black screen. and its not showing any notifications to allow access for camera .

when i uninstall BIT DEFENDER windows camera app working fine. after reinstalling just black screen not able to work with Skype as i always work with video calling .

please any help ..


Thanks in advance



  • Hello,


    The issue is known and currently being worked on.

    As a workaround you can keep the Webcam Protection feature disabled.

  • Hello,


    The issue has been resolved in the latest build :

    Please note that the update requires a reboot to take effect.