Remote desktop unable close session

Anybody have troubbles with remote desktop?

When I open a session with RMD on windows 7 Pro or 10 Pro (and Android) there is no problem. But when I close the remote session and try to enter again, the session is not closed properly and I can't reenter. In this situation I can't close windows session physically. Only with power off switch.

I tried to disable firewall, and all services of Bitdefender. It doesn't work.

The only thing that works was unistalling Bitdefender.

It occurs since one week.

Some help please? 




  • Hello JaviA,

    We are aware of this issue and we are currently working on a fix. Please write us at [email protected] in order to receive more updates on this matter.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • edited June 2019

    Ok thanks.

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