Hate the new look

How can I go back to the way it was last week? I had a shut down scan saved that was perfect. After the update it is gone. How can I make a personal scan like before?

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  • Flexx
    Flexx ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Member,

    Sorry to say, but you cannot revert back to old interface. Additionally, even if you will try to uninstall the latest version and install the old version somehow, sooner or later the old version will automatically upgrade to new version via force update and there is no way to stop the force update also.



    (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • Perhaps someone who is concerned with customer service and has a real reason why this change was made could provide an intelligent response? Apparently some programmer who doesn't use the product thought it would be good to diminish the program's functionality.

    It was great before! BD ought to run a survey of their customers to see what THEY LIKE.

  • Alex_A
    Alex_A ✭✭✭

    Bitdefender employees are browsing this forum, are they even interested in the opinion of customers?

  • The new look isn't great - true.

    E.g. The "one Click optimizer" has been made more difficult (closing with the X, only button is explanation). It isn't one click, in fact it is several clicks (vs real one click one CCleaner). BD'ers hint: "check out CCleaner."

    It is impossible to reorganise the placing on the dashboard, you can't remove things you don't want on your dashboard (safepay e.g.).

    BTW: if you don't use CCleaner first, always 3 (or more) issues remain unresolved. Why can't the 'one click' do what CCleaner can?

  • The latest upgrade has left several directories and files completely locked with no method to unlock them. This is an unworkable solution and if I need to upgrade to a business or enterprise version to regain access to Safe Files, assuming that feature exists in another higher version, then I regard this as ransomware

  • Keeping in mind that CCleaner is now owned by AVAST. CCleaner is/has been installed on my last 5 machines, incl. this one. But, it gets very little use. For now, I'll stick to BD Utilities.

  • I am using System Ninja these days. CCleaner was my former disk cleanup tool (never touch registry cleaners), but since the takeover, there have been a lot of complaints. I am very pleased with System Ninja, and I have no other affiliation with them other than having upgraded to their paid version, so I am just a paying customer.

    I hope this helps. Have a great day.



  • I researched "Alternatives for CCleaner". Different forums suggest IObit Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller among a few more or less popular.

    As luck would have it, following a discussion with FLEXX here about CCleaner, I bought IObit Pro. I also had previously installed the Free Version of Revo Uninstaller approximately 1 month prior, as suggested by a Computer Tech aquaintance. (Where I get my machine fixed when I mess things up)

    To my surprise, I use Revo Cleaner regularly. I find it easier and less complicated for my level of expertise.

    IObit is used to permanently delete something when needed, and to defrag/trim the machine approx. once every 6 weeks. I have a powerful Dell XPS 8930 connected PC. At 76 y/o, I figured I was making my last computer purchase, so I made it a good one. Acually, much more than I'll ever need.

    Bottom line:

    I, this minute, have uninstalled CCleaner from my machine.

  • I just realized that I am way "OFF Topic" with this rant. This thread is about the "New Interface" update.

    I humbly apologize.

  • Haters Unite...Consider me a Full Fledge Member of that Community. I miss the Forum List of Categories.

  • Flexx
    Flexx ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2021

    If you want a more effective cleaning you can go in for bleachbit, which uses advance cleaning technology that system ninja and ccleaner do not have. Additionally, bleachbit has an inbuilt function of winapp2.ini (https://github.com/bleachbit/winapp2.ini) which adds more and more cleaning directories to its database and is updated on regular intervals. Presently I have shifted from ccleaner to bleachbit and it does wonders.

    The winapp2.ini is also available for ccleaner but it is not an inbuilt function. You will have to make use of ccenhancer (https://singularlabs.com/software/ccenhancer/) to add winapp2.ini cleaning database to ccleaner cleaning database.

    As far as IObit Uninstaller & Revo Uninstaller are considered, they are software uninstaller, and revo uninstaller is the product to go for, specially the pro version since it scans and removes deeply embedded leftover of uninstalled software.



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