Bitdefender free and new version for the year 2021


do you know if a new version of BD Free will be released for the year 2021?




  • free what the $0.00??? why did i just pay $29.99 renewel last month?? sun of a windy day I'm perturbed with this discovery. and to add insult to waste my time they tell me I have 8 days left. and I don't know why netflix us is eluding me..

    yes please Nunzio can you please keep me up to date on ur findings? i would be so appreciated! i just know I will forget all about this inquiry. may I be as bold as to ask of your time to send me an email regarding your discovery?

    [email protected]

    ☺️ hope this finds u well

    stay safe

    go free software!!

  • [{"insert":"There is the Bitdefender Free version which is an excellent free protection, at no cost and complete with real time protection with the same AV engine as the paid version, behavioral analysis against zero-day and ransoware attacks, web protection. You can find it among the free tools on the Bitdefender home page.\n"}]
  • [{"insert":"Today BD free updated to 1.0.21."},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"264"},{"insert":"\n"}]
  • Today BD free updated to 1.0.21.
  • Goodbye Bitdefender Free.
    I learned that Bitdefender Free from 31.10.2021 will no longer be supported and downloadable.
    It is really a pity that an excellent free antivirus has been abandoned and that it will no longer be there.
    I will switch to other Free antivirus, however excellent, such as Avast Free, Kaspersky Security Cloud Free, etc ...
  • Hello Mike,
    I received an email saying that Bitdefender Free will no longer be available and as a Bitdefender Free user I can get a discount on Bitdefender Total (which I don't care about).
    The only version of Bitdefender Free is the English and German one, the Italian one has never existed (even if requested several times).
    So it is assumed that the only version of Bitdefender Free will no longer be available.
  • Hi @Mike_BD ,

    so why are users getting that email?


  • Hi,

    We're trying to concentrate our development and innovations towards layered security and protect our users beyond one platform. And protect all devices which connect to the internet, as now, everybody has multiple devices which might be exposed. Hence the offer you have received.



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