Delete Failed (file Was In An Archive)

Hello bitdefender support forum:

Was hoping anyone would be able to assist on the specific removal of the trojan(s) problem within an archive. Thank you for any support.

Log file:

BitDefender Log File !!!!!

Product : BitDefender Total Security 2008

Version : BitDefender UIScanner v.11

Log date : 08:36:29 29/03/2009

Log path : C:\Documents and Settings\Gruesome\Application Data\BitDefender\Desktop\Profiles\Logs\user_0001\1238330189_1_02.xml

Scan Paths:Path0000: C:\

Path0001: Z:\

Scan Options:Scan for viruses : Yes

Scan for adware : Yes

Scan for spyware : Yes

Scan for applications : Yes

Scan for dialers : Yes

Scan for rootkits : Yes

Target selection options:Scan registry keys : Yes

Scan cookies : Yes

Scan boot sectors : Yes

Scan memory processes : Yes

Scan archives : Yes

Scan runtime packers : Yes

Scan emails : Yes

Scan all files : Yes

Heuristic Scan : Yes

Scanned extensions :

Excluded extensions :

Target ProcessingDefault action for infected objects : Disinfect

Default action for suspicious objects : None

Default action for hidden objects : None

Scan engines summaryNumber of virus signatures : 2815906

Archive plugins : 45

Email plugins : 6

Scan plugins : 13

Archive plugins : 45

System plugins : 5

Unpack plugins : 7

Overall scan summaryScanned items : 958762

Infected items : 2

Suspicious items : 0

Resolved items : 0

Individual viruses found : 2

Scanned directories : 17004

Scanned boot sectors : 4

Scanned archives : 10071

Input-output errors : 0

Scan time : 00:05:59:38

Files per second : 44

Scanned processes summaryScanned : 0

Infected : 0

Scanned registry keys summaryScanned : 0

Infected : 0

Scanned cookies summaryScanned : 0

Infected : 0

Remaining issues:Object Name Threat Name Final Status

C:\System Volume Information\_restore{7E3FC6AE-C093-45CA-984D-420FFFD4C948}\RP345\A0134730.EXE=](IExpress 0)=]chd.exe Trojan.Generic.1297415 Delete Failed (file was in an archive)

C:\System Volume Information\_restore{7E3FC6AE-C093-45CA-984D-420FFFD4C948}\RP345\A0134730.EXE=](IExpress 0)=]setup2.EXE=](IExpress 0)=]ANTICO~1.EXE Trojan.Generic.1554845 Infected (no action was possible, file was in an archive)

Resolved issues:Object Name Threat Name Final Status

Objects that were not scanned:Object Name Reason Final Status


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