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    July 16

    under general, I posted this. It was suggested you could help.

    Bitdefender changed the number servers supported part way though the
    purchase period. I purchased a 3 year license during one of their
    special sales. The license chosen was for 10 units but the license
    stated that it provided for 4 servers. I recently had one of my linux
    workstations die and when I bought up a replacement, I found I now only
    have a license for 3 servers. After long discussions with tech support,
    they did verify that I had in fact I had 4 servers active and protected
    under the license but according to their current rules, only 3 servers
    are allowed. According to them, even though I had 4 active servers they
    would not allow that anymore. Appears as a strange form of bait and

    July 18
  • Andrei_S Enterprise
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    June 21