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  • Same problem. What the ?
  • If Bitdefender has a solution to one of the most annoying things most of us face each day/week, why the heck [my word was removed!] don't you just fix it instead of suggesting workarounds? This has been going on for a very long time. Just fix it and stop nagging your customers to reboot all the time. It is darn [my word…
  • Something fishy going on with VSSERV. It does not start at system boot. I go into Services and see that it is set to Automatic Start (NOT Delayed Start), but it is not started. I then manually click Start and the service runs, apparently normally. This just began recently, perhaps the past 2 weeks. Perhaps a recent update,…
  • I've noticed a definite slowdown on our home machines for about the past month, perhaps 6 weeks. Our machines just seem to stop, even keystrokes are ignored. On occasion I have been able to detect that a Bitdefender (TS2014) update is in progress, but it never stopped the machine dead in its tracks before. I have now…
  • Thank you. I did ultimately stumble upon the procedure you just outlined. Silly me for thinking I could open Bitdefender, go to settings,and then find what I needed in the Antispam settings. Perhaps in the next release the developers will at least put a note in the settings location directing users to the client toolbar. I…
  • Mine was fixed with the update, have you tried turning auto scan back on? I'm running and the problem seems worse than ever.Module PMXBAG.exe is using a constant 25% of the CPU and I can hear the drive churning, when nothing (not even a scan) should be occurring.
  • Since I can't seem to get support, and since I can't find a match to my situation, I'm going to jump in here. I continually get an Update Alert every morning. When I check the alert, I see 'Reboot required to complete the update' This happens every ###### day. My system (W7-64) shuts down at night after backup. Each…
  • For some reason I could not send you the support tool file [upload failed]. I did just send it attached to ticket ID:201204081014017] Crash Let me know if you need anything else Hi Welcome to the forums. Please follow the steps explained in the article below and send me via PM the generated log file:…
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