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  • The Password Manager has just popped up again 2022-08-20 16:23 BST
  • When I click on x the pop-up disappears. I will try to note when these occur. It has just occurred again on one of my PCs 2022-08-16 20:10 BST I will update your went it occurs again May I suggest implementing logging so that I can just send you a log and your company can do the work. I checked the Event Log and there are…
  • I thought the first reply was in an incorrect forum and to ensure I was as helpful as possible to the fantastic people on this site thought I would comment on another, more appropriate sub-forum, where I learnt one must be very polite when receiving a poor service for a product and I have paid a lot of money for. So be…
  • Would you please please please would be ever so kind and help me out in resolving the latest issue relating to the pop-up for the Password Manager I am seeing in the wonderous product that is Bitdefender Total Security? I have implemented all @Gjoksi extremely helpful tips regarding popups and I'm extremely sorry to report…
  • I came here for the same comment. I have paid good money for this product. I do not expect to be spammed with this stuff. I have gone to Settings and disabled Special Offers, which should be off by default.
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