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  • Thanks, do Your words help me back buying my phone and 💻 and data, nope , it's a discrimination between the freedom of you and us, because I'm a poor Iranian who you believe that people are not law for life and by political perspective .Kaspersky and Bitdefender are responsible for this situation and are now because live…
  • Bitdefender assistants didn't work for and didn't belive I've documented by screen that you believe me, even Norton 360 sent me messages for some threats. It's not enough or not important
  • Even by strictly program can't identified Sttricly rules Strictly cyber tricks Just find agen8cy and by AL together following me Big size data send you how send them
  • Since a years ago more Unknown agents try to threatened me by Different cyberspace and approach. Look first time attacked me by using serial numbers of equipments of laptop. After times,recently they attacking increasing voltage of cpu and complexity algorithm for windows even I had total security Kaspersky and VPN…
  • Dear, My phone after hacked ,there isn't like this ,I saw 3 user by 3 API in the page, but I didn't reset factory first time, automatically reset but before by WhatsApp group send me pictures and a clip then open it ,got crashed. All my data sent by unknown users and my camera turned on and took several pictures,Why? I…