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  • Many thanks /index.php?/profile/217244-adikrishvara/&do=hovercard&" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/217244-adikrishvara/"…
  • Sorry that i was not clear about which switch i meant but it is the switch under Bitdefender > Privacy > Antitracker Settings that is grayed out.
  • Still waiting for an answer! Anyone who can tell if this issue has been resolved yet?
  • Thanks for your response. Will the issue been solved soon? Ticket is : 2018111210550001
  • Last week I found that iDEAL payments via Rabobank in the Netherlands end up in a page not found. I contacted Rabobank Netherlands for this issue and according to them this is a known Bitdefender issue. As far as I found out now but not 100% sure about this, the error occurs when SSL scan has been enabled. Today I created…
  • I also would like to revert to BD218 because of the slow SSL scan in BD2019. Seen with Chrome on two pc's that were forced to upgrade. Bitdefender should have tested this version before releasing it
  • Same problem here. Why does it take BD-devs so many weeks to solve this issue. Is there a way to revert to BD 2018 and prevent auto updating to BD 2019? My license is valid for another 832 days
  • BD version is Mitm.dll file version is Today I reproduced the test in a normal (non private/incognito) browser window (Chrome latest version): 1. Disable SSL scan. 2. Start Chrome. 3. Goto (loading time 0,94 secs). 4. Close the Chrome Browser. 5. Enable SSL scan. 6. Start Chrome.…
  • On two of three pc's i was able tio install the BD patch and afterwards the MS patch 2018-01. Unfortunataly i am not able to receive the BD patch on the third pc. I clicked the Update link in BD but the update is not installed. Also after a Windows restart the BD update won't get installed. Same product on all three pc's:…
  • Updating the Bitdefender application from one version to the next is a real nightmare because all your settings are lost. For example in version 2017 I configured ransomware protection with about 20 trusted applications. After the upgrade i have to redo the complete process. About one year ago i proposed Bitdefender to…
  • Hi Sorin, I created the ticket from within the BD application (contact support). The related e-mail addres is (benny <at> bp - I just found what the issue is. Like many users in the Netherlands I had to switch off SSL-scanning because there is a problem (error 302) with SSL-scanning and a very important and common…
  • Created a ticket yesterday about this issue. I did not receive any confirmation or reaction until now I will keep you informed if I hear from BD.
  • Hi, Notifications for BD are enabled. But it is not only notifications that are not shown. When I configure Safepay to open automaticaly when I open a bank-site in my browser, nothing heppens to Safepay. It is not starting. It is not only in my configuration but on several BD configurations where I installed BD2017.
  • Same problem here. On several installations with BD2017 Antivirus Plus, Safepay is not opening for any known bank in the Netherlands or Germany. I did an uninstall and compete reinstall of BD but no luck I only can work in Safepay mode when I manualy open Safepay. No autorun nor advise to start Safepay in a Windows-message.
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