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  • Just posted about this on another thread. It has NOT been fixed and is getting worse. On my top of the line PC with an i9 10900, BD Total Security is taking over 16% of the CPU, causing my hard drive to go crazy and raising my CPU temps by over 15 degrees for HOURS ON END. Then it will magically stop for a little while,…
  • Just posted about this on another thread. BD has been taking 16% of CPU for HOURS now today(been going on for quite a while beyond today) and upping my CPU temps by 15 degrees, while continually thrashing my hard drive. This occurs sporadically but often and for LONG periods. When it's not happening, BD takes less than 1%…
  • Having this issue too. As I type this bdservicehost/Bitdefender Virus Shield is consuming over 16% of my CPU while doing, supposedly, nothing. It is keeping my CPU temps in the mid 40’sC when they normally idle at around 30C However, at certain times, I’ll check and the same process will be using less than 1% and my idle…
  • gotogordon, Remove Desktop from the list of protected folders and it "should" leave the taskbar alone on reboot, even when having ransomware on during boot. The sad part about this is, it was reported a YEAR ago in the 2016 version, yet it persists today, in the 2017 version. So I wouldn't expect a fix for this, since they…
  • Ok, so now it let me create a new account with my email. You must have cleared it(which you would have said that ) But I have an account now. Thanks you for the quick response.
  • I initially went to create a Central account but it told me my email already had an account associated with it. So I tried to reset the password on it. I get the reset email but I get the above error when I click the reset password button after entering a new password.
  • I'm not trying to create an account, I'm trying to reset my password. And now when I ask it to send a reset password email, it's not sending it.
  • Thanks for the suggestions... I'll try them when I get home from work. I'm also experiencing a memory leak with vsserv.ext (Commit Size was over 800,000k after three days of uptime). Not sure if they're related or not but something isn't right. Maybe I should try out the BDIS 2009 to see if that fixes my problems! I've…
  • I didn't have this before but when I was installing new nVidia drivers tonight the problem suddenly occured. Took me 4 hours to figure out it was BD that was to blame!!! Did a system restore to a state before I'd installed the nVidia drivers but the problem was still there. Finally after uninstalling BD the problem was…
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