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  • The problem is the additional load on the drives. At least on my machine, when external USB drives are attached, their read/write heads are permanently moving. This probably reduces their lifespan. This is what I'm concerned about the most (besides not being able to eject the drives). I think I have to uninstall…
  • Ich habe leider dasselbe Problem, seitdem sich Bitdefender 2019 installiert hat. Selbst das permanente Deaktivieren aller Schutzmodule und ein anschliessender Neustart von Windows hilft nichts: vsserv.exe verhindert weiterhin das Unmounten aller USB-Laufwerke. Bitte rasch beheben. Vielen Dank!
  • I have the same problem since Bitdefender 2019 has been installed on my system: I want to exclude scanning of SSL connections, but at the same time, I don't want the warning cross on the Bitdefender tray icon. I hope this will be fixed. Thanks.
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