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  • Sweet, now I can post it, its all good now, thanks @Flexx and @Alexandru_BD, here its a image when doing some scaning @Gjoksi And this is when the program is on standby Specs: CPU: i7-1255U 1.7 GHz/ RAM: 16 Gb DDR4/ GPU: MX-550/ Storage: SSD NVME:256 Gb/ Windows 11 Also, thank you for the articles
  • Hi there @Guilhermesene Yeah you're totally right, thats why I wanted to know about the differences, I heard that bitdefender got the same results in the offline scaning tests as in the online ones, I figured it could be related with having more RAM usage than kaspersky, and about the CPU usage, I'm not sure why, but the…
  • Thank you @Flexx , but this message is still displayed whenever I try to upload an image "You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links"
  • To be honest, adblock plus does a pretty good job already, I'd rather have them focus on improving more necessary products
  • I know right, although brave has very good privacy tools already
  • Ah that function is very useful, I will use it more then, also thanks for the article link.
  • Well, I installed it on mine and the anti-tracker does seems to be working now that we are in 2023
  • In the system requirements it does says you need at least 2 Gb for the program to run, also, many browsers ocupy a lot of this memory, I heard edge is very optimized in that aspect, maybe switching could be a temporary solution? its all I can think of, cuz sadly you don't get far with 4 Gb of RAM nowadays
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