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  • Okay, right after posting that last thing, I basically tried again, and the machine I wanted on the new account is now there and signed in, so that's good. But the other machine is still there, actually on both accounts, which is odd since the new account I believe only covers one PC. And even stranger, the expiration date…
  • No one knows how to do this? It shouldn't be that difficult!
  • Hi GSpike, Maybe you could contact Bitdefender. Open the BD GUI (you double click the BD icon in the system tray of the windows taskbar), then from the figure icon on the top bar you choose "Help & Support" and "Contact Support". Regards, L. I did, and this is their response. My comments are in brackets. You can simply…
  • Hiya, Did you reset the rules in your firewall? There is a post from Georgia here, something I had to do to get it to work with Gmail. Ro. I did, and it's still not working with Comcast's IMAP email system. Has anyone gotten it to work with Comcast?
  • I have BD Total Security 2016, beta build Until this was posted I assumed this thread pertained to that program. I'm having the same issue and no fix yet. When will the fix come to the beta? Nevermind, I went back to TS 2015. Still having an issue though with this new version and Comcast emails.
  • Hello, Please update your Bitdefender to the build, restart Windows then go to Events section and make sure the update event requesting to reboot the computer is no longer in the list. If it's still there, click on it then click the button Restart Now that appears at the bottom. After the computer restarts open…
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