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  • Odd. I uninstalled BD with their Uninstaller and computer runs fine with Firefox beta too. No more crashes and "Tell us about it" messages. I was also having an issue with crashing repeatedly, and it stopped crashing since I remove BD 2013 as well. I believe OpenOffice on launching calls home for updates so…
  • I still have a need for a "Scheduled Scan with an Auto Shutdown." If I am away from the computer with some long download that takes 4-5 hours, I don't want to go back home or drive back to the office to shut the computer down. In AVG, I could 'schedule it' to scan the download in say 6 hours once complete, and then it…
  • I agree. There should be an "Emergency Disconnect" or "Firewall Up and Locked" feature that is easily accessible. AVG 2012 had one on their Taskbar icon too (right click). Sometimes I cannot disconnect or lock it fast enough. Mack
  • Christian, new guy here coming from AVG 2009 to 2012 versions. I agree with the OP. Some sort of "Scheduled Scan" would be nice as there are times where I am away from the computer and I would like it to scan and shut down. AVG had a nice "Scheduler" (better than Avast! too) that would do that: Scan, remove any trojans,…
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