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  • Almost forgot.. I did a reinstallation and the problem was then resolved. Thanks for the replies and suggested solutions. Have a great day!
  • My goodness. Thank you for letting me know!
  • Thank you for your response. I tried using a VPN just now as suggested and it still failed at 98%. Also have been a Bitdefender customer since 27th November 2017 and I installed it through online connection, if that what you meant. There hasn't been any problems updating until now and it's been failing for the past 4 days…
  • Update: It is still failing to do the update 'til this day.
  • For anyone that may have this issue today go to 2Checkouts website through the link below to cancel the renewal. In my experience; The email that is sent to you saying your subscription is about to be renewed is automated and can be ignored if you canceled it there. I recommend to try and contact them regard any purchasing…
  • Was the same for me. I even contacted 2Checkout to make sure and they gave me an automated reply saying everything like this can be done on their site. But auto-renewal was already turned off and all I could do was to wait. When the time came nothing really happened and the emails stopped. Just make sure it is disabled on…
  • I've been a customer for Bitdefender for a long time and never had any problems with the product. I've never been a fan of auto renewal and always done this manually, but this year I can't find to cancel the auto renewal except doing so on '2Checkout' own website (which handles their purchases). I've read older posts here…
  • I made this account not long ago to look this up and made a big post about this but they keep deleting it.. without warning or reason.