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  • Upon (re-)-installing BD AV Plus , now the 2020 version, the described anomalies were gone. Logon speed is more or less back to the original level. Will monitor the laptop a few days, but all seems ok now. ... Detail: when the previous BD was uninstalled, ms windows prompted to start its ms defender firewall :-), was it…
  • Not reading properly i guess. It is Windows Security that shows Bitdefender as firewall which needs attention, while Defender's firewall is running. Caused by updating to Win10 1903 ? See attached screenshots.
  • I can confirm that the safe removal of usb attached disks issue has been solved in the .48 version. However, the issue with constant disk read/write is not solved. Restarting wmi helps for a session, have to do it over and over again after shutdown/start or restart This is a serious and alarming bug.
  • Yes, please: Do an auto-upgrade to BD2018 and don't dare to launch BD2019 untill -all- bugs and reported issues have been solved. Indeed, there is no rush to 'update' to BD2019, unless BD wants to loose its customers.
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