• **** this reboot dialog. It's shut down two of my PCs while I was coding in the last few days. Who in their right mind would design a button that immediately shuts down everything and mark it as active!? I don't know what you guys do all day, but I use my space and enter keys pretty frequently, and I do like my input do go…
  • Sorry, the link is for Win2K, which is probably why the documentation made no sense. My value still stands, though.
  • Good news everyone! I found the registry key that seems to have been forgotten once and thus isn't restored later. In regedit.exe go to \HKU\S-1-5-21-SOMENUMERWITHOUT_CLASSES\Control Panel\Desktop\UserPreferenceMask and set it to your liking. I've enabled all the options, and my key becomes 9E 3E 07 80 12 00 00 00. For…
  • Hi, just wanted to say it's still an issue. Contacted support, waiting for a reply. Has anyone ever found out how to get the options working again? As mentioned above, reinstalling/removing BD won't work, system restore is sadly not an option, and the registry settings revert themselves on every reboot.
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