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  • I finally figured out how to use Nero. First Nero claims it's Edge partly, but Nero works fine on my laptop w/o Bitdefender. Then again i do not think I have Windows defender turned on either. What I found if say I want to burn an image (iso). I right click the iso file and select burn image using Nero. I suppose if I…
  • yep i included the exe for NERO still ding the same, i have contacted nero too.
  • I saw that but the advance threat looked like it was for folders, ok will try
  • I have tried what you listed and I still get a constant spinning circle when i click on a folder to open from within Nero. I also put nero.exe in the Ransomware exclusions. still the same
  • if i go there i see no option to change the name of the device. it says that i have a serious issue on that device. says fix in progress, no date of when this started. then it says if you want the issue fixed faster open BD on your phone and turn on web scanning 😆, yep and that is when i am asked for a PIN I went back I…
  • i click on the Bitdefender icon, I click turn on web protection, says off. i click on that and slide the slider over to ON. Then it asks for a PIN, same thing with scan alerts, anti theft
  • what I did was I went into my account control panel and clicked on "you have 9 more devices to protect, share another install" or something close to that. I clicked and copied and pasted the link onto word pad and copied it to a thumb drive. I went to their computer and ran the link on their desktop installing Bitdefender.…
  • Yes very helpful Alexandru_BD THANKS
  • I tried method 1, since i did not buy my Bitdefender through 2CO I do not apparently have an account so the link never gets set. I do have an account with Bitdefender central and i can see the product I bought , I think the Bitdefender essential says installed on one device. I also like TomFez do not see the payments. so…
  • I did not buy my subscription through 2C0 so when i request a link none arrives as in method1
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