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  • Here we go "AGAIN" with the ADS for services popping up in the notification tray from Bitdefender When does a anti-malware, anti-virus program become adware? Why does Bitdefender feel they can use their products to SPAM their paying customers. This is a betrayal of trust, I'm not paying to be served ads, I even have offers…
  • Tried to post an screenshot of my settings and the pop up ad from Bitdefender but apparently "you have to be around a little longer" before "they" will trust you to do this. They can spam me with it popping up on my desktop / laptop but I can't add an image of it to 'their' forum. Funny.
  • Special offers under settings is already OFF, as is the recommendation notifications, and has been for Years, confirmed its still off. Despite this still got the almost full screen pop up today to purchase the new password manager. At least I haven't seen the "you need to use our VPN to be safe, with a link to buy the VPN"…
  • You're "products" are constantly giving "notifications" that I need to "purchase" your VPN to be safe, that I'm not safe, despite already being connected with a VPN and despite my "not" being on a "open Wi-Fi" at the time. The suggesting of turning of "open Wi-Fi" warnings/notifications (also suggested by Bitdefender)…
  • This notification is happening in the Mobile app constantly, even when not connected to "open Wifi", even with another VPN running. Changing settings in your account or in the desktop application with respect to "special promotions" etc. Does not stop this "harassing" notification(adware). Having to disable "notifications"…
  • [{"insert":"Why would one have to stop \"all\" notifications to stop being harassed with adware from a product that is supposed to protect you from adware. I don't want to \"purchase\" your VPN Bitdefender! I already have a VPN. I shouldn't have to disable all notifications \"lowering\" my security and safety to stop being…
  • I don't think the anti theft locate feature is a valid tool anymore. Changes made by google have restricted third parties from doing this in real time, I think keeping this feature is a little misleading. You "may" get a location back hours after requesting it from the tool and then I doubt it is from the command being…
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