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  • Glad to know that many people are complaining about the lack of the paranoid mode in BDTS2015. All of my students and I need it back too. Some people may be leaving you if they don't have it.
  • I agree. I'm disappointed to find out that the paranoid mode and some other features are dropped in this new version.
  • Capt. Mike, I have exactly the same problem. Chkdsk doesn't work on boot time. I restored my c-drive where build 1534 was installed, and found that Chkdsk worked on boot time. However, after updating build 1534 to build 1637, chkdsk will not run again. I wait for a new build, rather than repair the software.
  • Thanks so much again! Actually I didn't know there is ticket requesting system to report issue like this. I hope this issue will be fixed someday I have been experiencing the same problem since upgrading BDTS2011 to 2012. It's been a long time already since the BD support team acknowledged this problem. Please HURRY. We've…
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