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  • Does that change the settings across the board and after a scan, needs to be rest to your previous settings? Power plan settings remain until you reset/change. Just an idea to modify Power Saver plan and switch it ON during scan. Also it will save some power. Go green
  • Processor power management did work for me to reduce CPU usage. Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings\Advanced settings\Processor power management Windows 7
  • Thanx for your attention Phil. While I still have some doubts about leaving Bitdefender alone I will most probably discontinue using MBAM alongside BD. Forgot to mention I have also "cookie fighter" SAS Pro running. Which also do not show obvious sigs of conflict. Some of my observations during intentional "wrong" web site…
  • Thank you for posting your results. First of all we want to stress that this is not the Active Virus Control driver and does not affect the AVC functionality from Bitdefender. AVCHV.SYS is the function driver that commands the hypervisor (start, stop, deliver options). On a performant CPU / if the CPU has more than 4…
  • The reason I have concern is I am not a professional in that area. Seeking an advise from pros is the only way to find out, am I acting wrong or right. And I guess it is reasonable to find out am I using product effectively since I did pay some above average amount of money. It is obvious that Bitdefender developers trying…
  • Same problem here. System: Windows 7 Home Premium x64; Sony Vaio; i7; 8Gb; Product: Bitdefender Total Security 2015; Other security software: installed - MBAM Premium; uninstalled (with uninstall tool) - avast! Internet Security 2015; Other essential software: OpenVPN; Oracle VM VirtualBox (tried to uninstall and…
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