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  • J'ai le même problème, le votre est-il résolu? Si non, utiliser vous media center et une connexion avec une Xbox? Merci Jean-Marc FRANCOIS
  • Do you happen to use a Windows Media Extender? I have the same problem and have already post something about it. If you have a mediacenter extender , then an MXC1_computername user is created. This user doesn't appear in the parental control of bitdefender. As soon as you browse the content of your computer with the XBOX…
  • I think you don't understand what I am explaining. Windows 7 ultimate 64 bits (with mediacenter) and mediacenter extension for Xbox An Xbox Parental control is DISABLED on the computer Everything is working fine, I can surf everywhere. If on my Xbox , i'm running mediacenter and browse the content of my PC, everything is…
  • I think that the problem is the user that is created during the extender creation in mediacenter (mxc1-computername) after running mediacenter or connected with the Xbox, Bitdefender or IE is running with the user mxc1-computername Can you investigate in this way?
  • I have the same problem. It occurs when I run de mediacenter program with the extender to an XBOX 360. As soon as it has been started , I have problems with parental control (that is disabled) I think that something occurs with the user that is created mxc1-computername when we install an extender in mediacenter. It's like…
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